Reshamwala Shipbrokers’ Dirty Tanker desk is keenly involved in the Spot, Time Charter and COA businesses for tankers ranging from MR to VLCC on all principal routes. It is one of the most active Indian broking teams representing both State Owned and Private Oil Majors and Charterers as well as leading tanker Owners and Operators.

The Product Desk is involved in Clean Petroleum Products ranging from 5,000 - LR2 sized tankers, representing Indian and international Charterers and Owners.

Chemicals & Specialised Tankers

Reshamwala Shipbrokers’ Chemical desk handles cargoes such as easy chemicals, acids, vegoils, palm oils, molasses, lubricating oils and bitumen for various international and coastal routes.

Containers / Liners / Heavy Lift

Reshamwala Shipbrokers’ has participated in various container, liner and heavy-lift trades, and continues to pursue these growing markets.


Reshamwala Shipbrokers’ Offshore desk provides principals with broking and chartering services for all kinds of offshore vessels including anchor handlers, platform supply vessels, FPSOs, drill ships and other support vessels.

Passenger Vessels / Yacths

The growing trade of ferrying passengers through local and inland waters has led Reshamwala Shipbrokers to venture into the passenger and pleasure boat business.

Reshamwala Shipbroker's S&P desk provides commercial guidance and technical know-how on the sale and purchase of new buildings, secondhand tonnage and for the demolition of vessels. The team’s spectrum covers all types of vessels and maritime assets including Tankers, Gas Carriers (LPG, LNG, petchems) and Chemical Carriers, Dry Cargo vessels, Offshore supply vessels, as well as Passenger and Luxury boats.

At Reshamwala Shipbroker's, our highly skilled demolition team provides unparalleled end-to-end services to Ship Owners seeking to demolish their vessels.

The team also has extensive experience dealing with Green Re-cycling and shares long standing relationships with all cash and end buyers.

Period Business

Reshamwala Shipbrokers seek out long and short-term Time Charter and Contract of Affreightment (COA) projects, based on market opportunities.

Reshamwala Shipbrokers provide its clients with tailored research, analytical and consultancy reports including key insights and objective opinions on various shipping and related businesses including marine and offshore infrastructure, and maritime asset acquisition and sale.

In addition daily, weekly and monthly reports on deep sea tanker, gas and bulk trades are made to enable our clients to better understand the market and its key indices.

To request a sample report, please write to us at

Our vast experience in ship sale & purchase; maritime consultancy and chartering along with our vast global network, gives Reshamwala Shipbrokers the right credentials to provide vessel valuation services. Our services are provided to various banks and lending institutions, ship owners, lawyers, investors and various other agencies. Reshamwala Shipbrokers is on the prestigious panels of various banks, ship owners and other institutions.